Municipal support of investors(Муниципальная поддержка инвесторов)

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Municipal Support for Investors State and municipal support shall be provided for investors to implement their investment projects within the municipal entity “Narimanovsky District”.

All the investors suggesting implementation of an investment project that comply with the development trends of the municipal entity are offered support of their investment projects as per the “single-window” principle, as well as nonfinancial support:

1) support (forwarding) of their applications and requests to federal authorities of the Russian Federation and to authorities of Astrakhan Oblast requesting to provide assistance to investors to implement their investment projects;

2) creating positive image of an investor;

3) publishing information related to investment projects on the official website of the Administration of Narimanovsky District;

4) assisting in organizational, administrative, and legal resolution of investors’ issues that might arise during their projects implementation in the following fields:

- selection of investment sites in Narimanovsky District;

- legalization and provision of a land plot to execute an investment project;

- obtainment of permissions to construct new investment facilities or reconstruct them, commissioning of investment facilities; obtainment of technical documents related to newly commissioned facility (upon completion of its construction and/or reconstruction);

- harmonization of documents necessary to implement an investment project;

- selection of staff among residents of Narimanovsky District;

- technological connection to engineering networks.

5) provision of the necessary consultation and procedural assistance, as well as information support;

6) other sorts of nonfinancial support. Investment projects complying with requirements set by the legislation of the Russian Federation, by the legislation of Astrakhan Oblast, and by legal regulations of the municipal entity “Narimanovsky District” are offered financial support. The main forms of financial support at the expense of the budget of the municipal entity “Narimanovsky District” are as follows:

1) reduction of rent rates for land sites provided for construction by applying the coefficient that considers the existence of facilities under construction;

2) small business implementing an investment project shall be provided with municipal support – grants to launch their own business;

3) investors implementing investment projects in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors shall be offered subsidies from the budgets of the Russian Federation or Astrakhan Oblast.