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Dear Sirs!

Narimanov district was founded in 1931, located in the south-western part of the Caspian depression with strong projection in the south-western part of the region and is bordered on the east by the lands Kharabalinsky, Krasnoyarskiy, Volga regions and Astrakhan, in the north - Yenotayevskiy district, in the west - with the Republic of Kalmykia "Khalmg Tangch", in the south - and Limanskiy Ikryaninskiy district. The total length of the border area of over 400 km. The district area of 6.1 sq.km. The population density was 7.6 people. 1 sq.km. According to the administrative territorial division district includes 44 units, including 1 city, 17 villages, 24 village, 2 siding. In Narimanov district as of 01.01.2013 has lived 46250 people, 58 nationalities.

The territory of the Narimanov district is rich in mineral resources such as oil, gas, silicate sand, brick clay and gravels, algo positivo raw materials, technical deposited lump salt, mineral water, mud, and iodine. In the municipality " Narimanov district " actively developing agribusiness, shipbuilding, chemical industry, production facilities are being built and socio-cultural, national projects are implemented. On the territory of the municipality unit " Narimanov district " actively working on the creation of a special economic zone of industrial type. A key element of the planned establishment of the SEZ will be the most advanced in the Narimanov district of Astrakhan region industry - shipbuilding.

One of the areas within the boundaries of the SEZ is JSC «Shipyard Lotus» and the adjacent free territory. Implementation of the project to create a special economic zone of industrial type in the territory of Narimanov district expected to attract russian and foreign investors, providing conditions for the creation of the Astrakhan region interbranch cluster that combines shipbuilding, electrical engineering and other related industries. SEZ resident "Astrakhan" gains access to a fully trained engineering infrastructure and free connection to the networks of energy supplies. For residents of the SEZ "Astrakhan" tax incentives and reduced rates for rental and purchase of land plots.

Successful implementation of the project will allow the creation of the SEZ area to diversify the economy, strengthen the socio-economic processes and contribute to economic growth. Invite business people to mutually beneficial cooperation for the realization of your plans, business ideas and projects in the Narimanov district.

NM Kandykov, head of the municipality unit " Narimanov district "